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Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Equipment

Optimize your network in real time, saving time and costly site visits

As the originator of the variable electronic downtilt, CommScope knows remote electrical downtilt (RET) like no one else. That's why we offer the most comprehensive assortment of RET accessories, including actuators, controllers, grounding kits, bias tees, control cables and junction boxes. Our complete portfolio of innovative Teletilt? RET system components supports AISG 1.1 and 2.0.

With our Teletilt RET system, operators can optimize their beam through tighter RF containment, precise pattern control, intermodulation suppression and real-time flexibility. Our patented RET system enables you to make antenna adjustments from the office without costly site visits, tower climbs or network downtime. Because you can improve network optimization in minutes — and in any weather — you can deliver better call quality and enjoy a higher level of customer satisfaction.

  • Respond quickly to changing traffic needs
  • Experience higher tilt possibility compared to mechanical tilt
  • Reduces human error with accurate mechanical control
  • No specialized manpower or equipment needed
  • Ideal for isolated or difficult-to-access sites
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