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Frames, Racks and Cabinets

For outside plant and inside plant deployments, CommScope offers an extensive portfolio of frames, racks and cabinets engineered to provide superior cable management and bend-radius protection for your fiber-optic cabling. Whether you need a high density optical distribution frame (ODF), fiber entrance cabinet (FEC), FTTX fiber distribution hub (FDH) or an open frame rack—our solutions are scalable for future growth and easy to install. Unlike standard products in the marketplace, these products are modular and agile, specifically designed for today’s fast changing, fiber-dense environments.

  • Fiber Distribution Cabinets or Hubs (FDH) come in a plethora of sizes, configurations and capacities that enable customization based on individual needs and requirements.
  • The FACT ODF?(utilizing the popular FIST framework) provides full front accessibility, tool-less installation and ultra-high density connectivity in a highly modular, lightweight frame.
  • The NG4access ODF?offers flexibility of configuration and on-frame splicing through a full front and rear access platform with industry-leading density.
  • OMX and FEC products allow for quick and easy access to connections within the entrance facility utilizing convenient trays or drawers.
  • The innovative NETpodium? enclosure is a light aluminum frame that can be transformed into a closed cabinet if required. Equipped with large vertical cable attachment ducts,? these high-density cable managers provide outstanding bend radius control and patch cable support in high-density environments.? Note: This product is not available in North America.


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