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Outdoor small cell sites

Tackle densification issues with smaller, local solutions

CommScope's Outdoor cell site solutions are designed to help wireless networks increase their capacity and coverage quickly by integrating a technical solution in an aesthetic package to mitigate the challenging zoning and permitting environments. Our Metro Cell portfolio of outdoor small cell solutions are designed to meet both the thermal and aesthetic requirements of multiple types of radios and environments. They can quickly be installed on existing street furniture or come in kitted solutions to include new poles and RF components.

CommScope provides you with everything you need to deploy metro cells—from base station antennas, combining solutions to RF transmission systems and concealment solutions that conform to local municipal codes.

When it comes to expanding your network in urban and suburban environments, trust CommScope. Our array of inventive connectivity solutions can address your specific situation no matter how complex. To help you take your wireless network to the next level, connect with us and together we can figure out how to best unlock your current potential and future possibilities.

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