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PIM-guard solutions

Always anticipating. Always ahead. Take a look at our PIM-guard cell site accessories

The PIM-guard family of cell site accessories is designed to minimize passive intermodulation (PIM) at the tower top, a common problem with traditional mechanical components that are vulnerable to wind and vibration, and at the junction of two metals at or near the antenna.

Integrating versatile connections while substituting composite for metal in key components, overall PIM is reduced, providing a performance boost that increases capacity.

The CommScope PIM-guard family includes the following components:

  1. SnapTak adjustable cable hangers
  2. Antenna and RRU Cable Support brackets
  3. RRU mounting brackets
  4. Round and Angle member Adapters


Tessco 2019 Innovation Award Winner

Interested in simplifying cable site BOMs?

The SnapStak? Plus and SnapTak hanger selection calculator will help you find the right size adjustable hanger to for all your fiber, power, hybrid and coaxial cables.

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